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Cuttin’ It Up – Teaching Children

Why learn to sew and quilt? Why teach your children? Learning how to sew is a valuable skill and there are plenty of reasons why you and every child should learn how to sew. Let me enlighten you. Sewing helps in developing Hand-Eye Coordination: From cutting to threading a needle and operating a sewing machine […]

Cuttin’ It Up – Paper Piecing

Foundation Paper Piecing, (FPP) commonly called paper piecing, is a method of piecing quilt blocks using a printed paper for stitch lines. Foundation piecing is the technique of sewing fabric to a foundation in order to achieve very precise results. The foundation can be fabric and left in place or paper to be removed later. […]

Cuttin’ It Up – Services

Local quilt and Longarm arm stores and services add great value to a small community.  Recently our quilting community experienced a loss, to some a great loss.  Quilts and Beyond in Prairie City closed their doors in December 2018, this not only left this community with one less business but the wisdom and helpful experience […]

Cuttin’ it Up – Quilt Guilds

Quilt Guilds have been around for three centuries in the American culture, as formal and informal groups, meeting in churches and homes and barns.  Guilds are formed for various reasons and for specific causes from supporting the community to commemorating important people or events. The 19th century Guilds were known as ‘quilting parties or circles’, […]

Cuttin’ it Up – Marathon Quilting

    Marathon Quilting….We’ve all been there; the long hours, the excitement, the fatigue – being so close to the finish and pushing until completion – and swearing we will never do it again! You know how long that lasts – kinda like giving birth, at the time ‘I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!’ comes […]