Cuttin’ It Up – A Kind Hearted Person

There are moments in our lives we come to a realization that somethings Just. Can’t. Happen. “Like teaching my sister to quilt”.

My sister, Julia, is one of the most talented people I know – she is infectious in her personality, and a true joy to be with and we are always laughing together. She loves going for rides on her Harley Motorcycle with her husband or just by herself… A few weeks ago she was out riding and she passed a dog alongside the I-5 freeway eating fallen fruit. She was appalled that no one would stop and help this starving animal. Being the kind hearted person she is she pulled over, grabbed her phone so she could call someone with a car to pick up the stray, and walked back to this poor dog. Walking closer, she watched people slowing and staring at her; yes staring!  ‘How can so many people be so heartless’, she thought. She walked on and as she got closer this ‘dog’ stood up on its hind legs and took a step towards her…this made her stop dead in her tracks as well almost caused an accident with the passing cars.  This dog was a bear! Some choice words crossed her mind as she took a step backwards and all she could think was ‘don’t turn and run – don’t run! It will think I’m a squeaky toy’.  As she started making a fast retreat backwards trying hard not to fall lest the bear would chase her and knock her down! Fortunately the bear was more interested in the fruit than her unsalted meat and she made it back to her bike safely.  During all this her husband, Bob, pulled over and watched, not sure if he needed to come to her rescue.

My sister is now seriously considering Lasik surgery, until that time I can’t teach her to quilt – since I won’t let her near any of my quilting machines…