Long Arm Quilting Services

Here at BellyAcres Twisted Stitchery we specialize in longarm quilting. We use only the highest quality backing, batting and threads so your quilts come out beautifully. Our HQ longarm machines with the Pro-Stitcher computer programs help to create stunning results along with master ruler work.

Preparing your quilt for quilting:

This is a helpful guide to assist you in preparing your Quilt Top and Backing Fabric for longarm quilting.   If you follow these steps, you will have an amazingly beautiful Quilt!

Your quilt top: We ask that you bring/ship us your quilt as a separate top and back, your quilt top should be trimmed down to the final finished size. We trim your quilt only once the quilting process is finished (You will need to tell us in advance if you want it trimmed to the quilt top or 4” from your top border). Your top should be pressed and checked for seam flaws.

If your Quilt does not have an outside border, we highly recommend that you “stay stitch” slightly less than ¼” around the edge of your entire quilt to ensure the seams do not pull apart.  This stitching will be hidden once your binding is attached to the Quilt.

Measure your Quilt across the top, bottom and center.  All measurements should be about the same to ensure puckers do not occur in the quilting process.   Borders that do not lay flat will cause tucks, pleats or fullness.

Identify what you consider to be the top of your Quilt and the top of the backing fabric (if there is one) with a safety pin and a note attached.

Your Backing: We carry a very large selection of high quality 108” quilt backing for you to choose from, take a look!

You can view our selection of beautiful backing here  

If you are sending your own backing please make sure it is between 8” and 10” wider and longer than your quilt top, this is to make sure there is space for the machine head to reach the edge of your quilt for a beautiful finish.

Your Batting: We carry a wide variety of batting on rolls and in packages in stock, we carry Quilters Dream, Hobb’s Tuscany and Pellon batting (cotton, wool and cotton/wool blends).  

You can view our selection of beautiful batting here  

If you are sending your own batting please make sure it is between 8” and 10” wider and longer than your quilt top. We can special order anything you want from Quilters Dream directly.  If you would like a full list of the Quilters Dream offerings, please visit them at http://www.quiltersdreambatting.com/user-guide/. 

Threads: I use only high quality threads to quilt your top for you, please indicated what colors you are wanting on your quilt, for custom quilts you will need to call and discuss this either before you ship or after we receive your quilt. I can special order any threads you want if I do not have it available.

Shipping: When shipping your Quilt top – Include the following:

  • Quilt Top
  • Batting (if desired)
  • Backing Fabric (if desired)
  • If binding is required:  minimum one yard of binding fabric.  I will return any unused binding fabric.

You will be contacted either via email or by phone as soon as we receive your quilt to let you know it arrived safely and when it is scheduled to be quilted. After you have shipped your quilt please send an email to [email protected] or call the studio at 541-932-4422 letting us know it is shipped and you are all set!

I will return to you all unused/trimmed backing so you can add this to your stash for another project!

When shipping place all items in a strong plastic bag to protect your top and/or back before placing in shipping box.

******* Most Important *******

For your protection against THEFT, please do not label “QUILT” anywhere on the outside of your box.  Use our shipping address as listed below:

BellyAcres Twisted Stitchery, LLC

57849 Coyote Trail Lane

Mount Vernon, OR 97865

Pricing and Payment:

We price our quilts by square inch and charge for bobbin ($1.50 per bobbin used) only along with any additional services needed, while most quilts do not need anything extra there are some that do require extra care/handling.

Our all-over patterns are defined as E2E (Edge to Edge) patterns that start at the top edge and are the same over the entire quilt, the density of these patterns is a personal choice for our customers.

  • The E2E start at $.02 per square inch of your quilt top to $.0275, again, depending on the density of design.
  • Custom quilts is what we excel in! Please make an appointment to talk with our longarmer to discuss your quilt and your vision. You can call or email to schedule an appointment.
  • The Custom quilts start at $.035 per square inch and go up from there to $.05 per square inch. This is determined by the complexity of the quilt designs, thread change usage etc. All custom quilts will require information from you so we can create a piece of work that is even better than you imagined!
  • How you determine pricing:
    • Measure your quilt top and side, multiply these two numbers and you will have your square inches then multiply this number by the per square inch price, i.e. a 76”x 84” quilt (= 6384sq in) with a simple E2E is 6384 x .02 = $127.68
    • We will also be measuring your quilt before laying it up so we have the correct measurements for your E2E.
    • On Custom quilts please give us a call or email us.
  • A 50% deposit is required when you send your quilt, the scheduling for your quilt will be made once your deposit is received. The remainder is due prior to shipping the quilt back to you. We will send you pictures of your completed quilt along with the final bill to you prior to shipping so you can get a glimpse of your stunning work!
  • Payment: We accept Visa/MasterCard, Debit or make your check out to BellyAcres Twisted Stitchery or BATS.

Potential/optional additional costs: Occasionally, people ask us to assemble backs, pressing, fix borders or apply binding. These are services that we can perform for a fee. Please note that all of these services are optional.

  • Backing assembly is $10 for a simple assembly (less than 30 minutes) and $25 an hour for complex back assemblies (greater than 30 minutes).
  • Centering a quilt on a designed (a back with more than one fabric type) back is $20. This is a complex process and is not guaranteed to be perfectly aligned. 
  • Quilt preparation (fixing borders, pressing quilt tops, pressing seams, trimming excessive threads) is $25 an hour with a minimum 1 hour charge.
  • Binding is $.25 per and up per linear inch depending on what type of binding you want, plus the cost of fabric unless provided by you. Binding is single or double and machine applied.
  • The non-cotton backing surcharge is $10. Non-cotton backings such as fleece, minky, or snuggle fabrics are excessively stretchy and warrant careful watching to ensure that there aren’t any folds or tucks. They can create difficulty when loading and may take extra care in pattern choice.

We are always more than happy to teach you how to do many of these things for free. Please call the studio to schedule a day and time to learn!