Cuttin’ It Up – Why I quilt

Fall is a time for reflection, preserving and preparing for the long winter months indoors. Making sure all your beef is sold before butchering. canning is done and the turkeys are almost ready for their final feed, so much to do but the feelings the changing seasons bring slowly embraces me.  I love each new seasons but fall in, particular, allows me to reflect upon my life, my accomplishments, my shortfalls and preparing to create all the things I have been waiting all summer to do.  You see I am a farmer, a rancher, an artist, a quilter, a wife, a mother and grandmother but of all these things I love and cherish I am an artist, a creator and a quilter. All the designs, patterns and plans rattling around in my head all summer are screaming to get out!  What goes on in my head is rather scary (ask my husband) just trying to control them – it is now a battle of will to finish what I must so I can do what I love; create with cloth – I use it as a medium to reach others through teaching and sharing, out local guild and quilt shows.

When we quilt we share love, warmth, beauty and joy – have you ever snuggled under a quilt and NOT felt comfort? While I’m not sure why I am driven like this to quilt I do understand the journey – it’s just who I am so I embrace it.